Educentric services

What challenge are you facing? We can help you solve it with video.

Education video services to showcase someone inspiring? Get to the heart of their story.


Engaging ways of presenting your mission and values.


Present the best bits for those unable to attend, and for future reflection.


Illustrate what you mean. Show best practice.

Give your change management ideas some life!


Promotions for social media, YouTube, TV.


In depth interviews with your experts, edited by our experts.


Meaningful involvement and voice.

Save time and money with a partner who understands education.

Education video production services

Education videos build awareness. They build trust. Video content can be deep and useful, informative and share-worthy if it’s done right. Our clients tells us we do just that.

We know you have a lot to say and to show. We help you figure out the best framework, working together to define a clear message with an engaging story.

The first part is understanding your needs.  Who is your audience and how do you want them to respond to your message?  

Our particular expertise is with real people and real issues in genuine situations. It’s about making real connections.

We discuss things like music and narration, to maximise the effectiveness of your video.  Editing, finishing and delivery are done in close collaboration, so you get exactly what you want in the most useable form.

If you want something as simple as coverage of a conference, to reach a wider audience, we can do that too.

  • Audience focus. Is it for professionals? Students? Parents? We sometimes make slightly different versions for different stakeholders. It’s all part of the comprehensive planning.
  • Clear messages. Our expertise is in making complex subjects clear and concise.
  • Engaging on-screen talent. We have many years experience in getting the best out of everyone involved. (A little interviewing tip: Ask someone, “How excited are you about this project?” It’ll be a much better answer than, “Could you please explain this project.”)
  • Passion. We’re excited about education too. We’re also curious. It’s a great combination.
  • Most projects are completed in 6-8 weeks.
  • Some clients need a project done right away, especially to take advantage of an opportunity. We can usually help. Conference coverage can often be turned around very quickly.
  • Clients find we’re quicker than other video companies they’ve worked with. That’s because we understand education, and usually hit the mark the first time.
  • Our clients’ budgets generally range from $3000 – $8000 for a single video, up into six figures for a big series of videos. Our Director Daniel has had a lot of experience producing with seven figure budgets too, if you have a really big project in mind!
  • Smart scheduling is something we always do, to maximise what ends up on screen for the time spent. For example, sometimes we point the camera in different directions in one room, like a library, to get multiple interview backgrounds. That way the crew doesn’t waste time moving.
  • Costs decrease per video if a multi-video series is part of your content strategy. There are many savings, even down to music rights and graphics.